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Bette Griddler

Bette has spent most of her life in the theatre as well as the food industry. Her parents, Stan and Ida Griddler owned Ida's Diner in Buffalo, New York; America’s first fully operational Diner Theatre. Their specialty was serving three meals a day, each to a different musical theatre gem. Bette made her Ida’s Diner Theatre debut in Call Me Madame at the age of twelve, breakfast and lunch Tuesdays and Thursdays, and every other dinner off. It was a loss to the entire community when Ida's Diner was lost in the fire started by the salon next door... Seeing as her parents were taking the insurance money and retiring in Boca Raton, Bette knew that a new chapter in her life was beginning. She grabbed her best gal pal, Mabel, and the dippy new hostess, Pam, and headed off to the big city. Thus, the Hell's Kitchenette's were born, serving hot meals and wholesome harmonies! When she's not worrying about choreography, vocal parts, who's brassiere was left out on the fire escape, and restocking the napkins, she enjoys rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers, bowling, listening to her Liberace records, and keeping up with all the latest fashions and styles. She would one day like to reopen Ida's diner and continue the Griddler legacy of bringing tuna melts with a tune, burgers with a ball change, and shakes with a shimmy.

Mabel Syrup

Mabel Clementine Syrup was born in Londonderry, Vermont after her parents, Cornell and Henrietta Syrup, relocated from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The family business of syrup proved too sticky for Mabel and when she was just sixteen, she hopped the first train west and settled in Winnemucca, Nevada. She worked happily at the Half Moon Lodge "where boys become men and men come frequently,"  for several years, in what we will call "the service industry." A run in with the local authorities after an alleged bar fight at the Ho Chunk Bingo Hall caused Mabel to realize that the time had come to push off to greener pastures. She headed back home to Vermont to patch things up with Syrup's Syrup and the family she missed so much. On the train ride home, pondering her future, she realized that with her dual citizenship, if she got as close to the Canadian border as possible, she'd have not one, but two countries of eligible bachelors to choose from! Mabel saw an ad in Collier's Magazine for Ida's Diner Theatre in Buffalo, New York, and the decision was made. Mabel changed course and headed straight to Buffalo where the attention from Yankees and Canucks alike inspired a new dream: stardom. She went on to do far better work on her feet than she ever did on her back and worked and performed at Ida's until it was lost to a tragic fire. She now resides in New York City, and is thrilled to be a member of the performance/service industry and to sing and serve nightly with the Hell's Kitchenettes.  


Pam Cakes

Miss Pam Cakes is just a little girl from Little Rock, Arkansas. Born to Patricia and Capt. "Flap" Jack Cakes, she spent most of her life bouncing around in the cockpit of a Handley Page H.P. 42 biplane. She called the Little Rock Air Force Base her home until the age of seventeen when she fell head over heels for her high school sweetheart, aspiring hair dresser, and Drama Club president, Gary Marcel. Gary saw in Pam the making of a true beauty queen, and for the next five years, served as her manager, stylist, and choreographer. They toured the country at beauty pageants from sea to shining sea, earning her the titles of Miss Western Omelet, Miss Apple Pan Dowdy, Miss Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, and many more. After a strong and successful career in the pageant world, Pam and Gary decided to adopt a quieter and simpler life, finally settling in Buffalo, New York. Gary was delighted to open a salon of his very own, "A Little Off the Top," while Pam got a job she had always dreamed of, part time hostess and pastry consultant at Ida's Diner Theatre, right next door. Several months after their arrival in Buffalo, her husband was found burnt to a crisp in the arms of his personal assistant and color specialist, Brad, in a tragic hot roller accident. The fire claimed not only the salon, but Ida's next door. Having nothing but a cookbook, and several thousand in life insurance claims, Pam was invited to join a small and humble girl group called The Hell's Kitchenettes. She is proud to be seeking fame and fortune alongside fellow Ida's employees and icons, Bette Griddler and Mabel Syrup. 

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