Good things

come in threes!


The show that started it all! Meet the gals for the very first time at the Loose Caboose Diner. 

Those three hot dishes, Bette Griddler, Mabel Syrup and Pam Cakes (better known as The Hell's Kitchenettes), prepare to take their act on the road so they can compete in a national song competition in Nashville! But when the costumes for their big patriotic finale go missing, it's up to Bette's smarts, Mabel's charm, and Pam's... well, Pam... to save the day!



It's Christmas time and the gals have just one night to transform the Loose Caboose Diner into the perfect setting for a Christmas spectacular! However, all of their plans get thrown out the window when a warm front moves up the East Coast bringing with it the hottest Christmas the Big Apple has seen in decades. It’ll take the smarts of Bette Griddler, the sweet Canadian disposition of Mabel Syrup, and an extra special Christmas wish from Pam Cakes to turn a not-so-white Christmas into a winter wonderland!

at the

Loose Caboose



Direct from the national singing competition in Nashville, Bette Griddler, Mabel Syrup, and Pam Cakes (better known as The Hell's Kitchenettes) wanna strike while the griddle is hot! Bette has her sights set on an Around the World Review, but when Pam uncovers a brochure for the 1964 World's Fair, she and Mabel are inspired to do a whole new show for "Uncle Walt" inspired by the music of his classic films! All it will take is faith, trust, and some way to convince Bette Griddler... 



Christmas at the Loose Caboose  |  Thursday, December 5th

Christmas at the Loose Caboose  |  Thursday, December 12th

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